Thursday, October 20, 2011

They play, you learn...

Ajyalona is an annual entertainment event that provides product education, parent resource information, and awareness about all things related to children.  I must admit that I have not heard of this exhibition/event before, but I had received a call earlier this week with an offer to have a complimentary booth to increase awareness of my work and interact with families:)

This is a free event (Dec.8th-10th) that welcomes all familes to come, participate and learn about local resources.  Do checkout their website (link, FB).  Come by (and make sure you pass-by my booth for a chat) and bring your kids for a different experience.

You can also contact them if you would like to participate and take a booth yourselves...


  1. Don't forget to visit our booth there (BirthKuwait)! inshallah after this event, i'm going to work on the short article you asked us about


  2. Wish I could be there!!! Will not be in town this weekend:(
    Let us set up a time to meet, email me at looking forward to your article xx