Friday, October 21, 2011


As a graduate of the U.S and U.K, it was the norm to see support groups for almost ANYTHING you could think of.  Moving back to Kuwait, and working with kids and families I was very disappointed to see issues of privacy and social restraint hindering the development of such groups.

Through my work now, I see more and more parents who are asking for such resources.  Even though we are still at the beginning, I am glad to post about one such group, established by mothers who felt the need for more education and awareness about parenting and child-rearing.  The group is called "Little Moms" and you can find them on Facebook (link) or through their blog.  Support groups are a wonderful way to share and learn, and I personally applaud all their efforts.  

Check out their Facebook page for information on free educational events and lectures, and look for my name soon!  I will hopefully be presenting a lecture for Little Moms in the near future:)

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