Monday, October 10, 2011


A comment posted by Dr. Siddiqa Hussein, my colleague at Soor Center on "One Letter At A Time... A.D.H.D" was worth sharing...  My post was targeting parents and professionals who are dealing with an already diagnosed child with ADHD, but Dr. Siddiqa's caution is very important to note...

"Proper diagnosis is very important. I believe and suggest strongly that check out every possible reason responsible for short attention and hyperactive movements. There can be many reasons for a child to be inattentive: may be what the teacher is teaching in the class is too difficult for him to understand, often heard children saying that they are bored or uninterested. Another reason can be that child is preoccupied because they are scared of their dreams , they are sad because mum and dad fight in the house, they are scared of the irrational expectations of parents ,their harsh punishments or they are worried about their parent's health problems. This emotional instability takes away their concentration. If all these factors are ruled out and the child is still unable to pay attention then he should be formally assessed for Attention deficit. Same applies for hyperactivity too; just being naughty or unstructured is not enough to label a child as hyperactive. Having an ADHD child is not a curse but a blessing, he keeps you challenged and brings out the best in you. He gives you chance to learn so much more than parents of normal children."


  1. Great comment, Dr. Siddiqa. Couldn't have said it better myself. =)

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