Saturday, October 1, 2011

The 3 EXs... Express, Explain, Explore

This post is dedicated to teachers, and to mamas and papas who are teachers at home.  I had previously given this as part of a larger presentation in a special needs school in Kuwait.  The pointers are simple and straightforward. This was initially written for teaching kids with learning differences/difficulties, but it can be used with all students.  

I call this "The 3 EXs" presentation...


  •   Use a steady yet soft voice.  Children pay attention when the adult is firm, not agitated.
  •  Take time to express what you want the child to do, then guide them in doing it. 
  •   Express encouragement regularly.  Create a classroom rewards system.
  •  Encourage children to express their feelings.
  •   I encourage you to express your own feelings. 

  •   Explain the lesson using as many senses as you can.
  •  Explain classroom rules and expectations.  Repeat and keep visual reminders.
  •  If and when the child misbehaves, explain what was done wrong and why it is wrong.
  • This should always be followed by how the child can do the “appropriate” or target behavior correctly.

  •  Find ways to use different forms of teaching.  Your voice is not your only asset.
  •  Use your own knowledge to find out what the child’s learning style may be.  This will be a great advantage for you.
  • Help the child use multi-sensory ways to explore his/her surrounding.
  • When a child is stuck, or refusing to participate, take time at the end of class to explore with the child what the problem is.  A child is more likely to tell you when he/she is alone.