Monday, December 5, 2011

Tea with me?

I promise it will be friendlier than this

Good crisp morning...
  I wanted to use this forum to get some feedback on a new idea I have.  One of my wonderful regular clients had suggested that she groups 2-3 of her friends who have children of similar ages to talk about parenting in general.  I absolutely love this idea, and would like to take it further.
  Support groups and group sessions are a wonderful way for people to exchange ideas, build connections, and find comfort in realizing "I am not alone".  This will most likely be a once/week morning session to begin with, and the topics/age group would change monthly.  Let me know what topics might interest you by commenting below or emailing me directly (  If you are interested to know about these sessions once they start, do say so in your comment/email and I will keep you updated.  I am hoping to start offering the group sessions in January or February.

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  1. Life teaches you more and better than any book can teach. Sharing experiences and learning from each other is a wonderful idea. Please go ahead and start such support groups for Active parenting.And to make the parents feel that they are not the only ones struggling with their children.
    all the best