Monday, September 5, 2011

Play Poll Results

As one poll closes another opens:P

Most of you reported playing with your child DAILY! A round of applause for all of you... So why is it hard for some parents to play?

Well, with older children it becomes much more difficult to find the time, or relate to their interests.  Try alternating between what they would like to play and what you would like to by teaching them a new game.  Cards and board games are usually fun and enjoyable for both adults and kids.  I am on the look-out for the best places to find board games in Kuwait... (I am BIG fan of board games)

There are also some parents who have difficulty "letting go" and being silly.  It is understandable.  Try initially to do the activities you are more comfortable with, like putting nail polish on your little girl, or hide and seek with your son.  Arts and crafts or baking are also fun activities that can still be considered play without requiring a large dose of silliness.  You may want to try active games like jump rope, balloon and ball games as well as swimming.

For parents who have difficulty finding the time, especially fathers, don't fret.  Use driving time to play things like word games (e.g. find the names of cities/cars/other starting with the letter "N").  Play a game with all the family instead of one-on-one.  Find short fun games before their bed-time routine, like "the staring game" where you win if you do not blink or "straight face game" of not laughing no matter how silly the other person is.  

Remember to have fun! Your child will be happiest when you are happy.

Have a love-filled day and take the time to vote on the new poll :)  

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