Sunday, September 25, 2011

HomeWork - Home = Homework club

I promised to show you the sign that caught my eyes in my earlier post "A world of Discovery".  Here this is it!

HomeWork Club, is a wonderful concept created by Ms. Dalia Al Falah, which I had known about for a while, but only found out about their new location in Discovery Mall recently.  Some might say it is important that parents play an active role in teaching and engaging with their child.  I do agree that it is very important, but it is also equally important to evaluate your child's individual needs and your own needs.  If home work time ends up being a daily struggle, then the engagement with your child is negative and difficult.  Also, some parents might have difficulty in teaching specific subjects.  This club offers professional assistance in a fun and light-hearted atmosphere for the child who needs extra attention and help.

Here is their information:

Contact Ms. Nanaki on 9723 4527

P.S.  Here is another reason why I love Discovery Mall:

For expectant mothers

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