Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2nd Poll results and announcements!

The second poll "What are you most anxious about this school year?" is now closed, but the third is up and awaiting your response:)

The majority of you said that you are mostly worried about grades.  It is understandable to be scared and anxious about your child's academic success, but keep in mind that students will be more motivated if you start encouraging and focusing on their effort, rather than their grade.  Effort will eventually translate into better grades unless there is another inherent problem.  I do not want to elaborate too much, as I am going to share the first post from a professional which will address this topic.  I am delighted to start this new section with a contribution by Dr. Sussanah-Joy Schuilenberg, a colleague and a friend.


  • All posts by other authors will be titled as "The Other Voice" with the additional title chosen by the author or edited by myself.
  • Continuing on my earlier post "A heavy weight", I was at LoFat today and provided a 2-hour training for the dietitians.  I truly enjoyed it, and LoFat provided real-time tweets of the whole training, which you can follow @lofatgroup, or look for #alzabinlofat.
  • The next training sessions will be Monday 19th of September, and again tweets will be real-time with the same trend/topic.

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