Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Be The Difference

"It feels like everybody just turned against me. It was like nine of them, nine or ten of them, calling me stupid and dumb, and they started throwing things at me, and one of the guys said something to me, and he threatened me ..."

"If it involves repeated, malicious attempts to humiliate a helpless victim, if the victim is fearful, does not know how to make it stop, then it’s bullying."
- Kim Zarzour

These are just some of the quotes collected by a wonderful multidisciplinary team of directors, producers, parents, professionals and students who are involved with the Bully Project.

The Bully Project highlights solutions that both address immediate needs and lead to systemic change. Starting with the film’s STOP BULLYING. SPEAK UP! call to action, The Bully Project will catalyze audience awareness to action with a series of tools and programs supported by regional and national partners.
The Bully Project is a collaborative effort that brings together partner organizations that share a commitment to ending bullying and ultimately transforming society.
Bully, is the movie that is the cornerstone of this project.  I leave you to watch the trailer, as the movie speaks for itself.

Do visit their website for some wonderful resources such as: toolkits for parents, educators, students and advocates.  They also provide a helpful and easy PDF file with an introduction on bullying that you can share with others (this is where the quotes above came from).


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