Monday, January 30, 2012

We Are All Able!

Recently in Kuwait, there has been growing attention to issues regarding children with special needs.  One project which has been well received is "Journey of Hope":

Journey Of Hope is a daring experience carrying a global humanitarian and heartfelt message for the benefit of those with intellectual disability.  Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah the Amir of The State of Kuwait, at 12p.m. 12/12/012 a sailing expedition will begin from Kuwait heading towards Washington D.C. and back with the sole purpose of raising awareness of its cause and spreading its message. We hope that everyone will support this great journey.

The idea was conceived by a group that has been working under the title of “The Special team for Sporting, Social, Media and Cultural Activities dedicated to the intellectually disabled” since 2003. Comprised of parents that experienced great success in dealing with their intellectually disabled children who are inflicted with cases such as Down Syndrome and Autism. Although their activities were based in Kuwait, their influence and reach has spread to other countries. The group concluded that their message needed to echo to the masses worldwide and wish to crown their initiative with a global expedition. More than their personal initiative, the aim of the Journey is to bring into light Kuwait’s contributions and advances care for special needs. It is aimed at bringing international awareness to the Country’s initiatives as a whole.

Do visit their website to find more information on this original and massive project.  We are lucky to be in a country that is well educated and wealthy, but we are still behind when it comes to providing good education, medical-therapuetic support, and psycho-behavioral intervention for special needs children.  The following is a video I just came across, which was shared by Training Gate (another great resource for awareness and support for children with disabilities) in April 2011...

P.S. The lyrics in the beginning are a translation of the lyrics sung in the video for my non-arab speaking audience:)

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