Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be Belly Sweet

What I'm about to share is not really psychological advise, but this is important for the psychology of women... Pregnant women that is.  I am sharing the advise from a funny but oh so truthful article from  The article listed "The things you should never tell a pregnant woman".  In a society like ours, we are both privileged and cursed by how many close relatives and friends we are frequently in touch with.  These relatives and friends provide support and a sense of unity, but they can often meddle, judge and give "unsolicited" advise... If we want that to change, then we must start by changing ourselves.  Read the list from the article; reflect, laugh, and say "hallelujah", then share any comments and/or stories you may have endured:) 

Pregnancy Etiquette
Things You should never tell a pregnant woman

  1. "Was it planned?"
  2. "Did you take fertility drugs?"
  3. "You look like you're ready to pop"
  4. "Are you sure there aren't twins in there?"
  5. "Can I touch your belly?" (unless you are close enough)
  6. "Have you picked a baby name yet?"
  7. "Enjoy ---- because once the baby comes you can kiss it goodbye"
  8. "You shouldn't be drinking/eating that"
  9. "I never had morning sickness"
  10. "I was sick the whole 9 months"
  11. "I was ripped open from end to end"
  12. "Get an epidural!"

Be empathetic, be interested and be supportive...


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