Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Longing for yesterday...

Any of my local readers studied in government schools? any of you remember the Home-Economics classes they used to offer?

Cooking in schools is making a come-back! Well not really a come-back, but some schools in the U.S. have adopted programs such as Cooking With Kids, citing the many benefits of such programs.  Even though that specific program only cites benefits related to healthy food choices and awareness (including understanding nutritional value of food, choosing healthy food, etc), other benefits can be found including:

  • Increasing a child's ability to work in a group
  • Using hands-on experience to understand mathematical concepts
  • Increasing problem solving skills
  • Patience
  • Independence skills
  • Decision-making

It may not be possible to have a cooking class as part of the weekly schedule, but I do believe that having a monthly "activities" class can be very beneficial to our kids, especially for KG and Elementary kids.  Hands-on and experiential learning is highly effective and unfortunately underused. 

...Perhaps a place like Young Chefs Academy in Kuwait could approach schools with a proposal to do in-school classes?

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