Thursday, November 3, 2011

4.5 Lessons for Eid

As a holiday, Eid represents the perfect opportunity for family bonding time and communication.  One of my favorite things to say is “every opportunity is a learning opportunity” so these are my four lessons for Eid:

  • Take the time to try something new together; this is helpful for couples and families.  New experiences present challenges and excitement; they also allow the couple and/or family to share something mutual and exclusive. 

  • Something very unique about Eid is that adult family members would usually give children money (eediya). Use this time to teach kids about giving, and not just receiving.  Discuss poverty and need, and perhaps help them find toys or clothes that they could donate to charity.  

  • Another wonderful lesson is saving.  With older kids you can discuss the concept of a bank and a savings account.  With younger ones, you can explain through showing them different prices of toys/products, and discussing how saving can you get something you may want/need later (or something more special).  Use point collection (for good behavior) rather than money with the younger ones to learn about saving.  This lesson also helps teach our youngsters about patience, and impulse control. 
Perhaps not this young!

  • Eid represents rituals and socio-cultural traditions.  It is a nice time to come up with your own rituals with your kids or renew an old tradition.  This can be a special breakfast that you have every Eid, or an activity you do on Eid evening; something which is special to you as a family.  This would develop feelings of excitement within your family about that day, and will bond you even when your child is older and away from home for college or to start their own families:)
Renewing the old. Family meal time can be wonderful!

The most important lesson is learn to enjoy family time... Wishing you a blessed and fun-loving Eid... 


  1. Great tips! wishing you a happy Eid..

  2. Thank you! Same to you... Let us know if you try out any of the tips;)

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