Sunday, September 2, 2012

GOT MILK? Share it.

We have heard of donating organs, blood, and hair, but donating milk to a Milk Bank? 

A recent article in NPR's blog (SHOTS), shed some light into what has been recently termed "liquid gold" donations; milk donations. A Milk Bank opened a year ago in Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, as research grows on the multitude benefits of breast milk for natural development, as well as many childhood related diseases.  This bank is one of many that have rapidly been opening up around the U.S. and Europe.
The idea would not be too foreign for this part of the world, as "sharing" breast milk, or rather, actually breastfeeding someone else's child was very common not too long ago.  Some of you might have heard that an aunt, grandmother or relative has breastfed a sibling or neighbor's child when the child's own mother was unable to breastfeed.  It would be interesting, however, to see how long it would take for a Milk Bank to exist in Kuwait.

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  1. Salam aleikum,
    There is actually a breast milk bank in Kuwait. It's located in Al Adan maternity hospital.

    Keep up the good job.

    Warmest regards,


  2. That's SUCH wonderful news Zuzana! Thank you for sharing! Just posted it;)

  3. But in islam i think its not acceptable thing to share your milk!! Beacause then every one who used that milk will be sisters and brothers and maybe in somday they will marriage without knowing they are actually siblings in breastfeeding

  4. I am not sure about Islam's exact point of view when it comes to donating milk rather than breast-feeding another child (the actual physical presence of the mother may be a factor), but doubt that there will be a Milk Bank in Kuwait if there wasn't an exception made regarding this issue.