Thursday, May 31, 2012


As soon as a plan is in place to start a family, many start their preparations by reading.  Very commonly one specific book is reached out for: "What To Expect When You're Expecting".  Written by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel, this book was originally published in 1984!  It quickly became an international best-seller and staple in many households.  It grew into a series of books, a website, a foundation and now a movie...

Aside from the excitement to see the interesting cast in this movie adaptation, I have chosen the alternative trailer below to ask you lovely readers about something specific.  What sort of support system do you have in place.  Fathers especially, as you will see from this clip, would you consider doing a "guys support group"?

In my opinion, ignoring the comedic aspect we see in the film, finding support from other fathers is extremely beneficial.  It allows you to exchange and expand your knowledge base, a chance to express your worries and concerns, and let's not forget that it also counts as a great play-date for your little ones!
Creating such a support group also means including yourself more in  your child's life.  I often hear from fathers that they feel left-out or find it difficult to connect to with their young child (who might be more attached to his/her mother).

So let's do a PTL experiment and try.  Ask your friends, cousins or co-workers who are dads if they are interested in meeting once a week, with their children. You may surprise yourselves with the outcome.  What are you expecting?;)

***Mentioning fathers here today does not mean that mothers do not need the support.  Obviously they do.  Mother do tend to create that support group naturally, through school, friends and family.  


  1. Will try it this summer and update you. Don't think it will happen on a weekly basis though ; just saw your latest post, enjoy your break :)

  2. Hi Ahmed, I just wanted to inform you that your request for a settings change in regards to comments posting has been taken care of. Let me know if there are any problems:)