Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A journal entry so inspiring, I wanted to share with you... This is the story of the adoption of a girl named Ghela. Please read and follow the link below for the full journal entry...

Allow me to tell you Ghela’s story first:
Ghela was pre-maturely born in a hospital – which is a blessing compared to other orphans in kuwait born in houses and left on the street. She stayed in the premature babies ward for 3 months during which the hospital has been trying to locate her mother who has provided them with a false civil identification card, a father’s name that did not exist and a wrong phone number. Since the mother could not be located, Ghela stayed in the hospital for One year 10 months – under a different name – before being transferred to the orphanage where she got her name; Ghela meaning ‘precious’
For the full Journal entry go to Specialmother's blog (link)

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