Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Mr. Angry

How do you usually deal with your little angry child?  

Call it tantrums or "terrible twos"...We often feel powerless and embarrassed by our young child's temper outbursts.  This post is targeting verbal kids around the ages of 3-6 years.  Here are some tips to try with your Mr. Angry...  

  • Make sure your child is not hurting himself or others around him.  If he is, hold him close and whisper calming words to him.
  • Label his feeling, e.g. "I know you are angry", then allow your child to express it in a safe environment.
  • Consistency is key, do not give in to the tantrum and you will soon see it subside.
  • Have your child express anger by squeezing some play-dough, punching a newspaper (one sheet) or pillow, or by playing a physical game.
  • Distract your child by attracting him to an activity.
  • Walk away when you feel unable to control your own anger.  Tell your child you will talk to him after he calms down.

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